Architectural Elements 

Are you a homeowner or an architect seeking to customize your property? Choose from a variety of classical and modern design on hand in our studio, or create a one-of-a kind piece that will be unique to your home. The artist can work with your sketch, or develop a special design based on your ideas.

Rosa Dei Venti

Both decorative and functional, these brass and bronze compasses give a nautical feel to any area, from a boat deck to a park or a back yard. They can be created based on a customized design to be mounted on the pavement, deck or wall.

Dimension vary based on the design (the compasses shown average 3' in diameter).


Real Estate Markers

Address markers provide a wide range of possibilities to home owners and architects. A stark contrast to the commercially available numerals and letters, these plaques can be customized by choosing the shape, size, medium, font and border design that will be unique to your home.

The markers shown here are one-of-a-kind creations in solid bronze that measure at 3'. The size and design of the markers can be varied according to your specifications.

Dedication Plaques

Dedication plaques are a great way to thank donors and sponsors that support a noble cause.

3An affordable version of the artist's famous bronze plaques. Wood and plastic with a faux bronze finish. Indoor use only.

4A bronze dedication plaque finished in enamels.


T R E E    o f    L I F E


This Tree of Life was commissioned by the Don Savio High School of East Boston to be used as a means of raising funds for the school. The trunk of the Tree is solid cypress. The leaves are copper, easily mounted after the donor's name is inscribed.

3At left, the Tree of Life mounted.
4At right, detail of the trunk.