T H R E E    O F F E R I N G S

(Perfect gift for engagements, weddings and anniversaries)

5Life's Renaissance

With his cascade of flowering buds, this child symbolizes health and longevity.

5Safe Haven

The goose next to the child symbolizes security, as geese in Roman times were used to protect homes against intruders.

5Harvest Bounty

The plentiful grain in this composition wishes the recipient of this gift prosperity and success.



M Y T H I C A L    M A S K S



Capturing the spirit of Baccus, the Roman god of wine, this piece will add a special touch to any corner   of your house.

Terra-cotta with gold finish 5.5"Wx5.5"H


Depicting the god of the ocean in Greek mythology, Poseidon makes a fine addition to a living room or a study decor.

Terra-cotta with faux bronze finish 5"Wx8"H


This unique piece will add character to any room in your home.


Terra-cotta with bronze finish 3.5"Wx6.5"H


T H E    G O D S


5La Forgia

Bas-relief fragment. Stoneware. 13"Wx25"H


Bas-relief fragment. Stoneware. 13"Wx25"H


Bas-relief fragment. Stoneware. 12"Wx15"H


Bas-relief fragment. Stoneware. 13"Wx25"H

M A G N A    G R E C I A    C O L L E C T I O N


The Magna Grecia Collection features artistic reproductions of antique Mediterranian coins.
Pieces average 4 inches in diameter and can be used as exquisite paperweights or wall ornaments .
All coins are sculpted in fine terra-cotta and are finished with antique bronze (shown) or antique gold patina.


Roman Galley Coin

Athena Coin

Menelao Coin

Greek Prince Coin

The Conqueror Coin


A N C I E N T    P A S S I O N S


Preparing for the Battle


Hand-sculpted in fine terra-cotta. Antique finish with copper highlights. 6"Wx9.5"H

Return of the lover

Featured anniversary and wedding gift

Hand-sculpted in fine terra-cotta. Antique finish with gold highlights. 6.5"Wx10"H


T R U T H     E N D U R E S


This bas-relief was created to encourage the recipient to persevere through a difficult time. From left to right: Unfinished terra-cotta piece.
Terra cotta with the artist's signature bronze finish. The finished piece framed.