G U G L I E L M O    M A R C O N I


5(Left) Left to right: Hon. Attilio J. Paglia, Sponsor of bronze; Princess Elettra Marconi, daughter of Nobel Prize Winner; Hon. Marilena Fabbri, Mayor of Sasso Marconi, Italy; Henry M. Zunino, Sculptor of bronze.

5(Right) Detail of bronze

5Commissioned by the Hon. Attilio J. Paglia and sculpted in commemoration of the first wireless trans-Atlantic transmission by the Nobel Prize Winner Guglielmo Marconi, this bronze plaque is permanently housed in Terminal E of the Logan InternationalAirport in Boston, MA. Represented on the bronze are the portrait of the inventor, the imposing Logan Control Tower, an airplane soaring in the sky, and four initial Cape Cod towers which were crucial to the first radio transmission.

The bronze weighs 75 lbs and measures 30"Wx25"H

L A    S A N T A    F E N I C E

(The Holy Phoenix)


Created in honor of the canonization of Padre Pio, this sculpture is a reminder that the victims of 9/11 were not alone on their journey into everlasting life. At the center of the composition, Padre Pio, sculpted in the shape of the shape of the Eternal Flame, raises the Twin Towers out of the chaos, death and destruction into the peace and tranquility of eternal life. In the lower part of the sculpture, the New York City skyline represents the potential for the humanity to be good, productive and creative. Contrasting the skyline are the tumultuous clouds, symbols of mankind's capacity for evil and sin. Out of the ash and smoke of Ground Zero, Padre Pio rises as the Holy Phoenix, giving new life to the towers.

Commissioned by Hon. Attilio J. Paglia, this piece was donated to Padre Pio's Holy Shrine in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy.

Bronze. 14"Wx18"H


R O W L E Y - P A N N I    P L A Q U E


5Detail of the plaque and work in progress

3Commissioned by Hon. Attilio J. Paglia, this bronze plaque marks the beginning of the sister-city collaboration between the Massachusetts town of Rowley and the Italian town of Panni. The hand-sculpted plaque depicts the ruins of the Tower of Panni, along with an American and an Italian flags. 

The bronze plaque weighs 80 lbs and measures 23"Wx1"Dx27"H

M A R C O N I    C O M M E M O R A T I V E


4Commemorative plaque custom-designed and sculpted for Marconi Beach National Park in Cape Code, MA. This piece was inaugurated by Princess Elettra Marconi, the US Department of Interior, and the Galileo Legacy.

Bronze. 36"H.

5Princess Elettra Marconi (above, left). Detail of the plaque (above, right).



W I T H    O P E N    A R M S















5Full view of the sculpture, commissioned by a private collector in the image of his wife. Bronze. 1'Wx5.5'Hx1'D

4Various details


T U R T L E    I S L A N D    P L A Q U E


This unique sculpture, commissioned by a private collector as a welcoming piece for his private pier on Clarks Island, is a perfect example of Zunino's love of fine detail. Inspired by Treasure Island - style baroque maps, as well as the rich history of the sculptor's native New England, this bas-relief invites everyone visiting the island to "Change your watch to turtle time". Bronze. 22"Hx28"W.



56Details of the plaque

56Details of the plaque


W I S E     T E A C H E R


This bas-relief was commissioned by a private collector as an anniversary gift for his father. The image celebrates the recipient's wisdom and many years of loving guidance, while the writing wishes him many more years of health, wealth and joy.

Bronze, 16"W x 14"H


I N A U G U R A L     B R O N Z E


Custom sculpted in just 4 days on commission by Senate President Robert Travaglini and Speaker of the House Sal DeMasi. Bronze plaques normally take between 6 and 8 weeks to create.

At right: Massachusetts State Senate President Robert Travaglini, Sculptor Henry Zunino, Massachusetts Governor  Mitt Romney.


R E M E M B R A N C E    P O R T R A I T


This remembrance portrait was commissioned by the grand-daughter of the sculptor Erfred Anderson. The late Mr. Anderson's creation, a bronze portrait of his daughter, was lost in a flood. It was re-created by Henry M. Zunino as a memorial piece to adorn the burial site of the late sculptor's daughter.

Bronze. 19"H x 19'W x 1"D