Crests and Awards

F A M I L Y    C R E S T S


Family crests and crests of one's ancestor's town or city of origin have gained importance in recent times. In an effort to honor and celebrate their heritage, more and more families are commissioning  family crests to proudly display in their homes, and as lasting and original gifts to other family members.

3Producer of fine wines in the Rionero in Vulture region in Southern Italy, the Martino family has always had its family crest associated with the finest of wines. This crest was created by Zunino in celebration of the Martino family's long history of wine making, and will be proudly displayed at the entrance of the family's wine cellars and homes. Terra cotta with antique gold finish.

3This crest was commissioned by the ancient Swiss Zellweger family for their home, as well as a gift to the members of the extended Zellweger family. Hand sculpted in fine terra-cotta with antique gold finish. 9"Wx10"H

3This crest was created for the Baggio family of Chicago. The design is largely based on the coat of arms of the ancient city of Bassano del Grappa, located in the Veneto region of Italy, where the Baggio family originated. Hand sculpted in fine terra cotta. Hand painted in enamels.
3This is the Fitzgerald family crest, hand-sculpted in fine terra-cotta. Artist's signature faux-bronze finish. 10.5"Wx14"H
3Imperial Shield

Bas-relief sculpture created to adorn the exterior facade of a house. Depicted on it is the royal Roman eagle and an inscription in Latin. Hand sculpted in fine clay with acrylic finish. 23" in diameter.


3The Ancient Tower crest has been commissioned by the Noble Italian Meninni family. The history of this family crest dates back to the 15th century. The motto spells: "The Indian elephant is not afraid of the flea". This crest is now proudly displayed on their Tower in Crispiano, Italy. Hand-sculpted in fine terra-cotta with antique bronze finish. 8"Wx10"H

I N S T I T U T I O N    C R E S T S   a n d  A W A R D S


Along with families, many organizations and institutions commission their plaques and crests nowadays. With his ability to combine the symbols that describe your organization's mission and purposes, Zunino can either sculpt a plaque based on an existing logo, or create one exclusively for you. Some of the many uses for organizational plaques include corporate gifts and awards, as well as office decor. All institutional crests are individually hand-sculpted in fine terra-cotta, offering a refreshing change from the commercially available paper prints.

3Symbol of the Biological Sciences, this crest is inscribed with the Greek letters "Understanding the way life works". It was created by the sculptor as a gift to his alma mater's faculty of science. Hand-sculpted in fine terra cotta with the artist's signature faux bronze finish. 8"Wx10"H

3Commissioned by the Selectman of the town of Rowley, MA, these seals are hand-sculpted in terra-cotta and painted with black and gold enamels for a long-lasting finish. The pieces are now housed in the Town Hall of Rowley. 24'' and 13" in diameter, left to right.

3Commissioned by a descendant from the immigrants of the town of Panni, Italy, this crest is displayed in his Massachusetts home to celebrate and remind his of his rich heritage. Hand sculpted in in terra cotta with enamel finish. 13" in diameter.

3Christopher Columbus's Coat of Arms was commissioned by the local chapter of the Knights of Columbus organization. This coat of arms was granted to Columbus as the Admiral of the Ocean by the Spanish Sovereigns Isabella and Ferdinand. Represented on the crest, a castle and a lion symbolize the kingdoms of Castile and Leon, five anchors stand for the Admiral's title, and the islands - for the New World he discovered. Hand sculpted in fine terra cotta. Hand painted in rare Apa colors and enamels. 7"Wx9"H
3Designed exclusively for the International Student & Scholar Institute at Northeastern University, Boston, Mass., this sculpture features many symbols that capture the spirit and the mission of the newly established organization.  The crest was entirely hand-sculpted in fine terra-cotta and mahogany wood and refinished in the artist's signature faux bronze.


3Northeastern University International Student & Scholar Institute award plaque. Custom-made for Vice President's office. Created to matched the Institute's custom designed logo.

16"W x 20"H



3This award plaque was custom-created for Europol Guardie, a private security agency headquartered in Europe. The plaque incorporates the logo of the agency. Please note that the space at the bottom of the plaque is left vacant to hold an engraved metal plaque with the name of the award recipient, and the date of the event.

Terra-cotta with faux bronze finish, 11"H x 10"W. Holds an engraved plaque 2"H x 4.5"W.

3This award was commissioned by the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Association to honor the outstanding achievements and innovations of its members. Terra-cotta with the artist's signature faux bronze finish. 7.5"D.
3This custom-created award statuette commemorates the eighteenth century Vietnamese general that liberated Vietnam from the Mongol invaders, and established Vietnam as an independent nation. Hand-sculpted in fine terra-cotta. Approximately 8"H.


Created as a gift for a state legislator, this crest depicts the symbols of Massachusetts. The crest of any state can be sculpted and finished in a similar manner.

3Natural finish with antique gold finish

4Enamel finish

This Italian Navy Coat of Arms was created for a retired Navy officer in celebration of his many years in the service at sea. It is now proudly displayed in the officer's home. Hand sculpted in terra cotta.

3Natural terra-cotta with antique gold finish

4Bright enamel finish


T O W N     of    R O W L E Y,     M A S S A C H U S E T T S


Below is a sample of works created by the sculptor on commission from the town of Rowley, Massachusetts. From left to right:
a bronze plaque dedicating the Town Hall Auditorium, terra-cotta awards commemorating 100 years of Rowley Town Hall, and the town
seal affixed to the podium.